key art for Little Monster game

Little Monster - Press Kit

Monsters aren’t scary. They’re here to help!

Little Monster is a fast-paced beat ‘em up game where you play as Stormy, a little monster whose goal is to prevent nightmares from entering our minds while sleeping. This 2-D style beat ‘em up features gorgeous hand drawn like graphics at 60fps. Punch, race, fly, and shoot your way through 3 different realms as you try and rescue your friends. Become a nightmare hunter, save your friends, and prevent the dream realm from becoming a nightmare!

Screenshot of Little Monster's first stage


  • Tavel to the Monster Relam, the Human Realm, and the Nightmare Relam in hopes of rescuing your friends.

  • Summon monsters that can take out your opponents in one swift blow.

  • Master Little Monster’s parry system and take out Nightmare’s instantly.

  • Collect lost pages and journey to the past as you play through and learn about the history of the monster realm.

  • Collect special items that can freeze enemies, weaken them, and turn them into vitality orbs.

  • Punch, race, fly, and shoot your way through 4 different styles of gameplay.

  • In “A Tale of Two” both player one and player two take control of Stormy as he struggles with his inner demons.

  • Unlock achievements and gain access to new items by leveling up.

A GIF of Little Monster's first stage


For your convenience we have provided a zipped folder that contains screenshots, key art, logos, and GIFS for you to use on your videos and sites. You are free to use any media provided in this pack. This game is still in development so new media and information is updated regularly. Join our mailing list (mail to) to be kept informed and to receive the most current press kit.
Stormy, the main character in Little Monster, looks up at floating Nightmare Spirits

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