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Onedrr Games, pronounced “wonder”, is an independent game studio in Florida founded by game developer Josh Lessard. In 2022, Onedrr Games published its first puzzle game called Cross 4 for the Google Play Store and PC. Since then, Onedrr Games has been featured at several trade shows and featured on Game Makers site. Currently, Josh has been hard at work on Little Monster, a — fast paced and fun — beat 'em up game where you play as a little monster whose duty is to ward off nightmare spirits. Onedrr's mission is to create rich story driven gameplay with world building and gameplay at the forefront. The goal is to build memorable worlds, characters, and experiences that will be cherished by gamers for years to come.

World Building

Josh was first introduced to the world of gaming by his dad’s Atari, and grew up playing Nintendo with his brother. Eventually, at 13, Josh finally convinced his parents to get him his first ever game console - The Sega Genesis. “Ever since my fathers Atari I remember being fascinated over the control you had in video games. You controlled the narrative, you controlled the character. To me, this was the future of entertainment. Fast forward to today much has changed, but this fundamental idea and principle remains the same in gaming. Why do I make games? I love world building, I love storytelling, and I love the idea of controlling your own narrative. Above all though, I love creating a product that has the potential to bring joy, immersion, and fun to others.”

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Since day one, Onedrr was founded on the idea that if we had the ability to give back we would. Not only do we produce fun but we also want to make our place of fun and the world better, healthier ,and safer for all. We dedicate our time and resources towards volunteering and financially funding programs that help our environment, feed the homeless, encourage artistic endeavors, and more. Here is a list of some of the foundations we support and volunteer at: